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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Not Overdo Basketball Warmup

Basketball warmups can be very tiring. You probably will be very tired after working out and your muscles may be stiff and sore. Making sure that you have a proper recovery time after a basketball warmup is important. Here are some great recovery tips so that you get the most out of your basketball warmup.

Eat correctly. Don’t go home after a basketball workout and snack on chips, cakes or candy. This can hurt your entire warmup and leave you feeling worse. Avoid processed foods and eat whole processed foods. Things like fruits and vegetables can help as well as drinking lots and lots of water. Stretching is also imperative to your basketball warmup. You should do stretches, mobility drills, and foam rolls before and after each warmup. If you find yourself sore the next day, a short session of stretches will help you out.

Sleeping might not seem to be that important to a basketball player but it is very important that you do get your sleep. You should get at least nine hours a night of sleep. Not very easy but you can try to get to bed every night at ten and then get up by seven. Not the simplest way to get sleep but it is good if you can strive for it. Another way for your body to recover is to take a nap during the day. A short fifteen minute nap can help you increase your strength, increase your concentration, and help you to recover. Most people don’t like to sleep during the day so if you can just close your eyes for fifteen minutes and relax it will help you recover.

Basic Badminton Tactics

Doubles Tactics

Part of doubles strategy is how you position yourselves on the court. Side-by-side is considered a defensive position as you can cover more of the court, but a front-and-back position is an attack position. When attacking, the back player makes shots that open up space in the forecourt for the forward player to take advantage of on the next play. The most important part of doubles strategy is communication. Both players should talk to each other and make their intentions clear. Plan your plays based on each others strengths, as well as the weaknesses of your opposing team.

Mixed Doubles Tactics

When playing a game of mixed doubles badminton, the women usually take the front position when the men picking up the shots to the back of the court. With this arrangement, the women should try for net shots and the men should use horizontal drives or downward shots. If using a side-by-side defense position, then the men and women can take either side.

Overall, the game of badminton is not just about physical strength, but also mental agility and speed. Tactics are just as important to a winning game as the actual shots played.

Beginner Ways Scuba Diving Etiquette

Avoid complaining

The number one rule of scuba diving etiquette for first timers is to try and avoid complaining. Complaining not only bothers other divers, it also makes it seem like you are giving the instructors a hard time as well. If you are going to try scuba diving, you should know that it’s a pretty difficult activity to master and that it’s not a walk in the park. If you want to simply look at fish swimming in comfort, then you can always go to an aquarium. There is a chance that the water might be cold, your wetsuit will probably be damp and cold, the weather might not be ideal, you might not have enough room on the boat. However, these are all things that you need to overcome. Most scuba divers will tell you the rewards of diving are so plentiful that they easily outweigh all of the discomforts and potential things that one could complain about.

Keep your wetsuit clean

There really is no nicer way to say it, so it’s best to get right to the point. Please, do not urinate in your wetsuit if you want to respect your diving instructors and diving colleagues. The wetsuits are thick and they are meant to preserve warmth. That means that they will also preserve the smell of your urine. Even if you are not going to the bathroom in your suit, it will get smelly in a couple of days. If you want to be courteous to everyone, yourself included, clean your wetsuit every two or three days. You can simply put it into your shower or bath and give it a quick once-over with some soap and warm water.

Be courteous under water

It’s easy to get overly excited when you are under water, because it can be a very exhilarating experience. However, remember to be courteous to the people who are diving with you and respect their space. You should know where you are at all times and try to avoid bumping into others who are trying to enjoy the sights just as much as you are enjoying them. Also, don’t go too fast. Moving quickly under water scares away fish and it can lead to accidents. Go slow, and be aware of your surroundings to avoid injury and disrupting others. If you are diving with people who like to take pictures underwater, respect their passion and try not to scare away fish while they are trying to get a nice shot.

Easy Mental Hacks for Baseball

  • See it: Spend time before each game visualizing yourself making clutch plays. Whether hitting the ball, throwing, pitching or catching. See every aspect of that play, from start to finish, as if watching a movie in slow motion. Involve all of your senses. How will it look?
  • Smell it: Smell the fresh cut grass, the popcorn from the concession stand, and the leather of your glove. Involve any detail that will make the memory come alive as you recall it.
  • Taste it: Taste the sunflower seeds, gum or Gatorade you will have during the game.
  • Hear it: Hear the sounds of the crowd, the crack of the bat, and the pop of the ball as it hits your glove.
  • Notice it: Notice every little detail. How will it feel? Kick the dirt, feel the drop of sweat, the grip of the bat and the pounding of your heart before the three, two count pitch is thrown. Note your perfect body mechanics, knees bent, pushing off from the back leg, balanced extension, and two-handed perfect execution.
  • Feel it: Experience the intensity of the emotion that comes from making the big play. The feeling of adrenaline as you make an essential out or game winning run. How your heart beats faster and you jump in the air, ready to start celebrating with your friends. Each detail will further cement this memory in your brain.
  • Review it: Each time you see yourself successfully making that play, you will exponentially increase your chances of actually doing that when you are in that situation on the field. Because of the Reticular Activating System the brain, you are strengthening this important synaptic connection. Your brain only knows what you repeated tell it. If you tell the brain something often enough, it will work to make that happen. So keep playing that perfect movie in your mind (little details are important) and you are very likely to execute them the next time you are on the field!
  • Detach from it: When the movie doesn’t play out like you have envisioned it, you have to practice detaching yourself from it and moving on. Like being able to watch it on a video, seeing that it happened but not internalizing that it happened to you. Once you start internalizing that it happened to you, then it starts affecting your game. Then it affects your team, and not in a good way. You owe it to yourself and your team to detach from the error, own it, but move on from it. The next play must start fresh. You have to keep your mind from attaching itself to that error. Detach and let it go! Keep your head in the “here and now” game only. Detachment lets the past keep on going like water down the river… you can’t get it back again. Your focus must always be on what is coming downstream now.