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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Gear for the Sport

Comfortable Fit

Such items need to be very comfortable for them to wear. The materials shouldn’t be itchy and the clothing shouldn’t be falling down as they move with it on. The material needs to be breathable because they are likely going to sweat in it during practice sessions and games. Your players can easily be distracted by items that don’t fit them right.

You need them to be fully focused on the game. You need them to work as part of the team. Spend money on items that they can enjoy wearing and they are proud to put on. Rule out those materials that seem to be hard to keep clean or tend to irritate the skin.

Visually Appealing

Every team out there wants to look professional, on target, and ready to play the game. They want to show they have worked hard and they are ready to take on any opponent. With a custom sports kit, they will look visually appealing out there. It can build their confidence too so they are playing with all they have.

Long Lasting

Consider it an investment with custom sports kit products and they should be long lasting. They should be able to stand up to movements, to regular washings, and to wearing them for the duration of various sports events. Take your time to find a company offering well made products. If they fall apart soon after you buy them, it isn’t going to be worth the money spent.


You may be saying you can’t afford to go with a custom sports kit for each player on your time. However, it may surprise you to discover just how affordable they are. The cost will vary depending on what you get, where you buy them, and other factors. It doesn’t hurt to look around and to get some estimates.

Some companies will offer you a discount if you buy over a certain number of custom sports kit products from them. The larger your team is, the more you may be able to save with this type of offer. It is certainly worth checking into it!

Tricks Jump Higher in Basketball

While shooting is great and makes you a star, being able to jump high and dunk the basketball in style makes you a neighborhood superstar. Dunking is usually referred to big players, but not anymore. Follow these tricksĀ and you will know how to jump higher in basketball.


Flexibility is necessary in every sport including basketball. With it you’ll be able to maximize your potential and also to reduce the chances of an injury. You should start stretching at least 5 times a week. You should also warm up before stretching to avoid possible injuries.


You can warm up your body with jogging. Jogging is great for losing fat and increasing the cardiovascular level of the body. It is enough 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week. It is a great exercise for increasing the vertical leap.


No matter what people say abs are playing a major role in achieving a high vertical jump. Abs will help you with your coordination on the playground. You’ll be more agile which combining with explosion leads to a perfect athlete who is able to dunk on many occasions.

All about Deep Diving

Helium is expensive for most divers. You could pay as much as $200, or more, to fill a set of doubles. This is something hard to sleep on for some divers. Diving has not been only a rich man’s sport. Many of the original pioneers were average wage earners.

Trimix adds a safety margin to diving deep that is worth considering. Experience divers can figure out the narcosis level where they are the most comfortable at depth. With gas mixing software, they can mix a tank to get the helium/oxygen/nitrogen mix to meet this level. They call this the Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END).

For example, you’re most comfortable with the narcosis level from nitrogen at 80′. You are planning a dive to 180′. You can blend a trimix mix to have the similar narcosis feeling from nitrogen if you were at 80 feet while at the depth of 180′. Nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness (DCS) risk factors are greatly reduced. This definitely makes the dive safer and more enjoyable.

Why would someone not want to dive trimix? This is a very good question.

  1. The cost of helium could prohibit people from diving deeper. There is so much to be explored by every diver.
  2. Logistically, some local environments do not reach depths that become risky where trimix becomes a requirement.
  3. With experienced divers, the added risk is marginal and is calculated. Honing your skills makes deep air diving tolerable and safe.

For example, Midwest shipwreck divers have to bring a shovel with them to get to 100′, or in some cases 130′. The dive profiles for these depths are more of a multi-level dive. Unless someone is on a project of some type, they are not consistently at the maximum depth, working hard, for any extended period of time. There are exceptions to the rule, here. I’m just speaking in general terms that it is a non-issue.

Most technical divers always practice and hone their skills to be better and sharper as a diver. Deep dives require practice to become proficient. The more you practice, the easier deep diving will become.

Using any gas as a technical diver is just a tool in the toolbox.

In order to build a house, you will need a hammer. Picking a hammer to use will be determined by the task at hand. Through preparation, logistics and experience, you can figure out which hammer to use for the job.

Calories Burned Playing Tennis

. Playing tennis not only burns your calories but also helps in toning your muscles. The amount of calories burnt depends upon the frequency and the duration of the match. If the match becomes more exciting, the level of calorie burning also increases. You can easily burn up to 150-300 calories by playing a whole match.

. You can also shed those extra pounds by playing other sports such as badminton and squash. They help your body to sweat, which consequently removes your toxic substances easily.

. Tennis, badminton or squash playing prevents your body from various types of disorders such heart disease and diabetes. It also helps your body to relieve stress and anxiety. Playing tennis is usually considered to be the healthiest way to burn calories and lose those extra fats. It not only rejuvenates your body but also makes you an expert in game. You will be able to compete at various levels by practicing this game regularly.

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