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All about Ball Handling

As you go through the work out, I want to remind you of one of the most important things, and that’s making sure you’re focusing on quality over quantity. Make sure and start each drill by going slow and concentrate on doing the drill correctly while not losing control of the ball. If you need to start out looking at the ball during the drill, that’s okay. Focus on getting the coordination down first, making sure you can do the drill 10 times in a row – without messing up – before you start working on your speed. Once you get comfortable with the movement, then work on your quickness and hand speed. At that point, don’t worry if you mess up because you’re suppose to. If you don’t mess up then you’re probably not going hard enough. When you do mess up, just pick up the ball and keep going where you left off.

This is something I used to do before every basketball game. And it’s something I’ve got my son doing. In fact, he’ll do it any time he’s about to handle the ball and he wants to make sure his handles are “super-tight!”. Before a game, I head to the bathroom, and make a b-line directly to the sink. I turn on the hot water, let it get as hot as I can take it, and then I let it run over my hands and wrists for 12 seconds. Then, I turn on the cold water and I let it run over my hands and wrists for 8 seconds. I do two more cycles for a total of 3 times of hot and 3 times of cold. Now, I’m no scientist and not really sure what this does, but what ever it does I like! I’m always amazed about how good the ball feels in my hands after I do this. Give it a try. You’ll love it!

The results you can expect from any program is entirely dependent on how hard you work. You must give a strong, high-intensity effort on each work out. Practice outside of your comfort zone by going faster than what you are used to. Strive to go faster than you did the workout before. If you practice only things that are comfortable, then you will never improve.