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Jim Plante, CEO And Founder Of Genomic Pathways Corporation And Thynk Capital

Jim Plante is a leading figure in technology and health sciences, driving growth in those industries through leadership and investment. As a company president and CEO, he has brought several companies to great success by launching new and innovative products. As an investor, he provides capital for new companies, helping to get drugs and other beneficial products on the market. The following are a few highlights of his accomplishments.

Leadership Of Technology Companies

Before founding Genomic Pathways, Mr. Plante led several tech companies to financial success. As president of Beltronics in 1996, he launched a new innovation that completely turned the company’s finances around. As founder and CEO of E-Band Communications, he increased the value of investors’ shares by over 8,000 percent. Next, he founded SmartDrive Systems and expanded the workforce to 4,000 employees. Investors saw a 12,000 percent increase in the value of their stock.

Genomic Pathways

Mr. Plante founded this company in 2008 out of a personal desire to make genetic testing more accessible to people around the world. The company’s laboratories provide the widest range of genetic tests anywhere. His motivation for getting involved in this work stems from personal experience; his father died of genetic kidney disease, and Mr. Plante was later diagnosed with the same condition. He is committed to helping other people get the kinds of genetic tests that could catch a disease or a high risk early enough to take action.

Thynk Capital, LLC

In 2011, while still serving as CEO of Genomic Pathways, Mr. Plante founded the capital investment company Thynk Capital. Its purpose is to promote development in technology and healthcare by investing in early stage companies. Thynk Capital has helped get drugs and other therapies through the trial process and on to the market where they can improve people’s lives.

Appointment To ITAC 3

In 2015, Mr. Plante was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative to the Industry Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC) on Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health and Science Products. This committee brings together experts who provide guidance regarding the development of industry-related trade policy.

Mr. Plante has also made contributions to better health care and outcomes through his non-profit, the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research. This year he became a board trustee for the Biogerontology Research Foundation, which focuses on prevention of age-related illness.