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Must Improve Basketball Game

Hustle – Some of the best players may not have the talent of the most talented, but are renown players for hustle. Always moving is a huge key to playing the game, if you can control this you can destroy anyone.

Playing competition – to really improve your game you must improve your level of play. What better way to do that than to play players at your level or better than you. Many camps are devoted to this, leagues, clubs etc.

Athleticism – This is what often sets good players apart from amazing players, a scout or anyone will instantly notice the athleticism of a player. Athleticism, whether we like it or not is a huge part of making it anywhere in sports today. So, I advise getting into a good total body strength program and converting it into quick, explosive energy.

Visualization – visualizing the basket or the outcome of any play before it happens can make you amazingly succesfull. You also need to keep a positve attitude throughout the whole game and constantly tell yourself that you will dominate. Those in great control of the mental game are the best players to ever step onto the court by far.