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Not Overdo Basketball Warmup

Basketball warmups can be very tiring. You probably will be very tired after working out and your muscles may be stiff and sore. Making sure that you have a proper recovery time after a basketball warmup is important. Here are some great recovery tips so that you get the most out of your basketball warmup.

Eat correctly. Don’t go home after a basketball workout and snack on chips, cakes or candy. This can hurt your entire warmup and leave you feeling worse. Avoid processed foods and eat whole processed foods. Things like fruits and vegetables can help as well as drinking lots and lots of water. Stretching is also imperative to your basketball warmup. You should do stretches, mobility drills, and foam rolls before and after each warmup. If you find yourself sore the next day, a short session of stretches will help you out.

Sleeping might not seem to be that important to a basketball player but it is very important that you do get your sleep. You should get at least nine hours a night of sleep. Not very easy but you can try to get to bed every night at ten and then get up by seven. Not the simplest way to get sleep but it is good if you can strive for it. Another way for your body to recover is to take a nap during the day. A short fifteen minute nap can help you increase your strength, increase your concentration, and help you to recover. Most people don’t like to sleep during the day so if you can just close your eyes for fifteen minutes and relax it will help you recover.